Döttlling “Colosimo”

If there was an accessory cool-rating, this one would score 11 on a scale from 1 to 10. What a VERY cool rotor/safe to put your precious watch in. Döttling‘s “Colosimo” is not expensive, it is INSANELY expensive! But man is it cool… definitely an item that belongs in a Pink Panther movie with David Niven, Robert Wagner, Claudia Cardinale and Peter Sellers.

This is the first watch accessory that we review at TWE. We have had more in mind but never got around to it I guess. Because of this we have decided to add a different set of ratings for accessories. If you think they are wrong or something is missing please do not hesitate to comment. Expect more in the future.


NOTE: We have, and will in the future, deliberately skip any references as to the “chronometrical” aspect of the tested watch/es. The reason being that such test are futile, misleading and either unfair to the brand or the owner. Should a “particular” watch be deficient in its function that does not mean that all are. The same is true the other way around, if one works that does not mean that they ALL work. However, references about known issues with specific movements or a faulty after-sales service will NOT be left out.


  • You have got to be kidding. With respect to its size this thing weighs a ton!!!
  • Stunning workmanship
  • The transport box in itself is a safe!
  • Man I wish I could afford this
  • The inside rotor is a Swiss Kubik. Good choice.
  • I have always loved old-style safe mechanisms. They are not practical but man the are cool.
  • The vault door looks like a miniature version of what you would find at FORT KNOX!




Cool-Factor: *****

Usefulness: ***

Finish: *****

Uniqueness: *****

Attention to Detail: *****

Exclusivity: *

Price/Quality: *****

Collectability: **

Aprox. Price:  10,800 € (VAT included. December 2012)


As much most of us find the price for this single rotor to be completely off the scale, I must admit that you do get what you pay for. The quality and uniqueness of the piece makes it impossible to be any cheaper. When I first saw this rotor a couple of months ago I guessed the price between 10 and 12 thousand euros. Is it an expensive rotor? YES, insanely expensive. Is it unique, hard to make and worth that money? Yes, if you ever handle one there is no question about that. As you can see from the ratings above I have rated pretty low in “Exclusivity” and that is because of the high price. Unlike most people think “Exclusivity” is not set by a high price but by the difficulty to obtain that item. If you got the cash, you buy, end of story… not exclusive regardless of the price. If you got the cash and you can’t find it or you have to get in line… then this is an exclusive item. Although absolutely magnificent, the price of the Colosimo makes it readily available for all those that can afford it pretty much in an instant. Hope I could clarify that rating.
  • The Finish: The miniature vault door is simply superb. I get goosebumps every time I play with it!
  • Small and Heavy: There is no way that anybody can take that think and run with it. This “little” thing feels like it has been made with depleted plutonium. I guess it is around 20kg. (over 40 pounds) and the small size of it makes it very hard to grip. You need a truck to take this baby away.
  • Elegant: One of the few non-furnishings that look good even in an elegant living room. Apart from B&O audio/video gear this might be the only thing.
  • The rotor: Good choice to go with Swiss Kubik as the internal rotor.
  • The triple option: There is an option for a triple watch storage inside the Colosimo vault, but the single rotor version looks really cool the way it is.
Don’t like:
  • The limited size of the rotor: Large watches have problems fitting properly inside. This is the case with Scatola del Tempo, Underwood and Swiss Kubik. Offshores will have problems and so did the Extreme Lab 2 you saw in the background.
  • Price: Not because I think it is not worth what it costs but because I need to make a HUGE leap of faith to get one!
  • www: Although they guys at Döttling do great stuff, their site leaves a lot to be desired. At this point in time EVERYBODY has understood that “flash” is the wrong choice for web sites. Apparently they have not…

I am afraid that this little big rotor will be on my mind for quite some time. I hope I forget it soon or else; piggy, piggy, piggy… come out, come out, wherever you are…



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